Photography and Social Media Policy


This policy provides guidance on taking and using appropriate images. This policy is not about preventing parents/guardians and supporters from taking pictures, but rather to ensure that only those who have a right to take photographs do so. This policy is designed to promote safeguards for any photographic or filming/video activity to minimise the risk of inappropriate taking and use of images.

Permission for Photography/Filming

Permission for fencers/parents/guardians to take images is granted by way of membership with the Club. The permission granted is for personal use only under the terms of this policy, and no commercial photography is permitted under this license.

Third party photographers, videographers or other organisations employed to take images must seek permission from event organisers, providing photographic identification. Permission for press and/or commercial photography/videography must be sought prior to the event from the Children’s Officer.

Prohibited Photography/Filming

Taking images using any type of equipment is banned in an area where people are changing or would normally have a reasonable expectation of privacy. Examples of such areas would include:

  • Changing rooms
  • Individual changing/private cubicles
  • Toilets
  • Medical/physio treatment rooms

Flash photography is prohibited in an environment where any performance may be affected or there is the potential for its use to cause harm

Acceptable Photography/Filming

Images can be taken for a variety of purposes, including for administration or personal use, publicising the sport or aiding skill development.

Types of images and appropriate use:

a) Personal images – images taken by parents/guardians or other family members during an event as a celebration of a young person’s attendance or achievement. This includes the use of a professional photographer, with permission, taking images for the personal use of those attending. Other people may be included in an image and we expect parents/guardians and other family members to respect this by not distributing images publicly.

b) Training images – these are images or footage taken during a training session or during an event specifically to aid in the development of a skill or technique. We expect these images to be taken by a qualified coach or a person specifically appointed by the coach. These images may be used as examples of technique or mastery of a skill for teaching/coaching purposes and should not be
distributed outside this specific use. 

c) Media images – these are images taken by an individual from the media, i.e. TV, newspaper or professional photographer where the images are to be used for publicity or promotion of the event
or future events.

d) Administration images – these are images taken for general administration purposes; including images used for membership cards, competition entries, images for Fencing Ireland or the club’s
website or Facebook page.

Use of images on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc)

Where images of young fencers are used on social media, the person responsible for posting an image must be aware of the potential for an image to be used inappropriately. The following safeguards must be in place to protect young people:

i) Children will not be named in full – first name will suffice. Should their full name be used at any stage, permission will be sought by parents/guardians.

ii) No child shall be photographed and named under that photograph if they are the only fencer photographed.

iii) Captions should be in keeping with the sport represented

iv) The posting and any purpose should not breach the codes of conduct

v) The type of image should not breach guidance in this policy