Transition Year Fencing

Secondary School Transition Year is an opportunity to get out of your comfort zone by trying new skills and experiences. From a learning perspective getting out of your comfort zone is where all the good things happen!

We can provide your school with an experience of fencing. Every first lesson has one main objective: get everyone fencing competitively by the end of the session. This will require …

  • Learning basic footwork
  • Putting on lots of protective gear
  • Working out how to hold the foil (or sabre) in en guard
  • Understanding key rules of fencing
  • Learning and practicing some basic attacks and parries (defence)
  • Getting quite sweaty and drinking lots of water

By the end of a session a class will be doing this…

Classes are typically 25 or so students and require about half of a large sports hall. Typically we can provide 2 two hour lessons in a day (or three for larger schools). Some schools elect to have additional lessons which culminate in a competition using electronic fencing equipment (like the gear used at the Olympics)…

Matches between local schools who participate in our programme can also be facilitated.

To bring fencing classes to your school, please contact Patrick Dight: