Mount Sackville and Castleknock College Interschool Friendly

Castleknock College and Mount Sackville have started off this years Interschool competition. In this friendly between two neighbouring boys and girls schools the competitors were divided into 2 mixed teams. This was the first competition for the fencers who have had 10 hours of lessons.

Team Guillotine were true to their name and chopped the head off Team Sparrow beating them 15-13 in a closely contested match! Guillotine (Opey, Cait, Kyle, Conor S, Elise, Eric, Ana and Conor L) stand out performances came from Kyle with 4 wins and three wins each by Elise, Eric and both Conors. Sparrow (Lorcan, Geo, Cara, Anastasia, Eimear, Sean, Elena and Danny) team members mentioned in the dispatches are Elena, Danny and Eimear.

Best Castleknock College performances came from Kyle and then Danny while the best Mount Sackville fencer was Elise followed by Elena with only one hit in the difference.

Thanks to our presidents Grace, Ally and Lee who managed the competition with grit and determination and to Mount Sackville for hosting the event.