Coláiste Mhuire TY students in Askeaton embrace the cut and thrust of a new sport!

From September the transition year students in Coláiste Mhuire will be learning fencing for the first time. A 10 week course has been agreed with Deputy Head John Burke to be provided by Munster Blades Coach Patrick Dight. The lesson plan will include a broad base of foot work, bladework and presiding, culminating in a school competition using electric scoring equipment. “I aim to get every student fencing from the first lesson” says Patrick, ” it’s important to get them using simple attacks and defence from day one as they have a lot to learn before our mini competition at Christmas.”

As part of the interschool programme the school can also take opportunities to meet and fence students from other schools when possible.

Coláiste Mhuire is tremendously proud of its history, tradition and achievements, continuing a tradition of excellence in the provision of second level education which dates back to 1940. Down through the years they have been the number one choice for pupils from a very large number of primary schools. The personal interest taken by staff in students has always been a hallmark of education in Coláiste Mhuire. Central to their philosophy is the care of each individual student and the staff of Coláiste Mhuire work as a team, dedicated to ensuring that each individual student achieves his/her potential.

The inclusion of fencing in the TY curriculum is a first for the school and illustrates the commitment of staff to bring new challenges and opportunities for personal development to their students.