Join our Easter Fencing Camp! April 3-6, 10am-4pm, Nenagh

Coaching for girls and boys aged 10-18 years. Beginners & Improvers – all equipment provided.

Tuition: €90 (or €75 for existing club members and there are also reductions for siblings – contact Patrick for details)
Lunch: Bring a packed lunch and plenty of water
Equipment: Wear indoor trainers and comfortable tracksuit bottoms (with zipped pockets or no pockets).

It’s that time of year, again, when parents scramble to find activities that will keep their kids occupied and entertained when they are not at school.

This spring we are providing Tipperary kids with an Easter camp that explores the exciting world of fencing.  With centuries of history, fencing is a respected Olympic sport that combines nobility, athleticism, strategy, and speed.

Fencing can build your child’s self-esteem, help them make new friends, acquire valuable time management abilities, and develop strategic thinking.

Inspired by the long and illustrious history of fencing, we’ve designed fencing camps that will focus on building basic skills in all aspects of fencing:

  • Correct footwork: Beginner/improver fencers will integrate the proper fencing stance and learn how to move on the strip – becoming fluent in changing directions and tempos.
  • Distance control: Your child will develop the ability to gauge the optimum distance for specific actions such as defence or attacks, as well as recognize the precise timing of when to strike.
  • Blade work: We will use specific exercises and drills to help campers develop a natural way of handling the weapon.  Participants will learn the correct technique of making a touch or hit in order to score.
  • Etiquette: Learning the rules, manners, and sportsmanship of the game is an important part of fencing and we will make sure to educate your child on these matters.
  • Sparing: Campers will experience the thrill of using the electrical equipment while fencing.  This will help them become used to the equipment before a friendly competition on the final day.

For intermediate fencers the camps will strengthen technique, improve conditioning, advance fencing skills, and deepen the understanding of the sport.

Contact Patrick Dight for further information, or sign up for the event at our facebook page or use this link to the event. Here is a pdf if you prefer to print something and share it!