Every Fencing Instructor needs a Tardis!

I am always surprised how much equipment I can get into the back of the Peugeot 5008.

A typical club night includes sabre, foil and epee weapons bags (2 of foil), glove bag, a bag of chest protectors, 3 bags of jackets and one of plastrons, a bag of foil lames and a bag of sabre lames, 4 bags of masks, a bag of body wires, 2 wired boxes and 3 wireless boxes.

The wireless boxes are quick to set up but a bit tricky to calibrate at the start of each match. Once fencers get the hang of it though they are a great time saver.

Thanks to Ikea for the bags – they should sponsor the club! So how much does this all weigh? Well the staff at my local AES were very helpful and according to their weighbridge it’s approx 220 kg of equipment.

Of course if I did have a Tardis it would speed up getting to schools and I would never be late again!